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  1. Imagine not brushing your hair for 6 months.  Well thats how mats happen in dogs.  We can all miss a bit when brushing the dog and these individual knots can be removed by a groomer but sometimes things go too far and the whole coat must be clipped clean off.
    Its so important to keep on top of your dogs grooming
    Felting is when a dogs coat has been left so long the mats / knots develop into one big fleecy type blanket at this point serious helth issues occur.  Its like a straigt jacket for your dog.  See our page dedicated to mats for more detail.
  2. Yes - But you must be honest with your dog groomer. 
    It is not part of our job to get bit and can result in a groomer being unable to work for periods of time not to mention possibly requiring hospital treatment.
    It is an owners responsibility to inform anyone who handles your dog of any behaviour issues they have or have had in the past.
    We can then work with you and your dog to try and rectify any issues or fears the dog may have.
    A muzzle will be used only if and when needed.
    No dog visiting Wagstars has needed to be muzzled for an entire groom but we do sometimes need to apply a muzzle for the saftey of the dog and or groomer for certain areas like nails.
    We are good judges of dogs so watch them carefully and learn what they are trying to tell us.  There are many ways bites can be avoided without muzzling a dog so we try to work with the dog and remove their want to bite in a positive way.
    Should your dog ever need to be muzzled we will discuss this with you fully and always inform you of your dogs behaviour good and bad so we can work and improve any issues.
  3. If your looking for a new companion please check out the local RSPCA and other re-homing centres like Tameside Animal Shelter. 
    They often have some lovely dogs and cats available often Pedigrees or Cross Breeds. 
    We are offering 1/2 Price grooms for all dogs rescued in Jan.
  4. Hand Stripping dogs is a great way to maintain the natural wire coat.  This can only be done if thw dog has not been clipped as clipping makes the dogs coat grow back softer.  Hand Stipping maintains the protective wire haired coarse coat and only needs to be done a couple of time a year.  Saves your carpet from all the dead hair also.
    Its a professional technique which we happily offer.
  5. Theres a myth - my dog will be cold if he is groomed in winter.  This is not true, dogs need to have their old dead coat removed in order for them to be properly winter warm,  Keeping old hair on your dog actually clogs up their skin pores and makes them colder as if its raining the rain gets suck and your dog will take longer to dry.  So book in today.

  6. Grooming older dogs is all about taking time, being careful and treating the more mature dog to the respect they deserve and demand.  A GSD at 13 is actually 96.  Less movement is important as you would not expect a human of this age to be able to do the splits - same with our canine companions. There can be ups and downs with older dogs some get very grumpy and snappy in older age but others just relax and take it in their stride.  No dog is too old for grooming, looking after older dogs is very important for their health and wellbeing.

  7. Today was his first groom.  It was all new exciting and a reason to dance.  New people, new smells, new sounds.

    But it wasnt, today was a very important day.  It was puppies first groom.  This is a very important appointment no pup should miss.  We dont always go home looking as fab as todays puppy did but its really really important puppies get to know what its like to be on the big grooming table.  The lesson that the brush is not for eating, neither is the groomer !!!.  Then we get out tootsies touched and legs moved about its all so interesting no one has played this game before with me!

    AHHH whats that - Dont worry just the clippers, they wont get you - Today.

    Play play fun fun - aaaaahhHHHHHH whats that - The dryer. 

    Oh OK.  Well mums here already - More more I want more.  Dont worry puppy next time you come it wont be so scary and maybe we can make you less hairy.