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  1. Christmas is not far away and everyone wants their dog grooming for the festive period. 

    December is the busiest time for Dog Groomers as most regular clients book in advance especially for a christmas pamper. 

    Wagstars were actually fully booked in September for December but people sometime cancel or have to re-arrange so there is a cancellation list which runs and should a slot become available we will call and offer you the appointment.

    If you would like to be added to the list please send us a text or email as answering the phone can be difficult at this peak time.

  2. Someone else has cut my dogs hair and in a real mess and needs fixing, can you help and whats the cost ?
    This is a question we are asked a lot, some dogs come with bad haircuts and owners think "fixing" this should be cheaper but Im afraid we charge full groom price for this.
    The reason for this is we beleive in order to get the best finish the dog needs to be clean so we bath, dry, brush and then clip / scissor.  The same amount of work is needed regardless of the fact your dog may have less hair.
  3. Of course we do infact these are some of my favorite grooms as you can see what you think would suit the dog and give them a unique dog grooming style.
    Mixed Breeds, Hybrid, designer, cross breeds of all shapes are welcome.  Doodles are the most popular mixed breed at the moment and we have on our books many Cockerpoo, Labradoodle, Shihpoo, Cavapoo, Jackpoo. 
    Not to mention our other mixes Sprocker, Jackshih, Cairnstie.  If we have missed any mixes let us know.
  4. Dont worry, sometimes dogs can be a little worried when visiting the groomers its perfectly normal for some as its a new place and they are fine after a few mimutes they settle in.  Some dogs do it for attention in front of Mummy and Daddy and as soon as they go the dog is as happy as can be. 
    Either way there is no need to worry.  As a groomer its part of the job to make sure all dogs feel safe and secure and enjoy being groomed as much as possible.  A happy dog is much easier to groom and Im a groomer because I love dogs. 
    At Wagstars we only have your dog so they get all the fuss and love with no distractions 1-2-1 care.
  5. This is a very high maintainace breed grooming wise.  Daily brushing is needed if you want to keep a nice coat.  We had a totally knot free Bichon in today and the owner is trying to grow the coat, hats off for the dedication in keeping a knot free dog we hope to see him eery 4-6 weeks to ensure a full brush through then all we need to establish is how long is long enough.

    Show Bichons have big column legs fluffy body and a very full round head of which the ears are hidden.  Many pet owners dont like the over exaggerated head so we can cater the style to your taste.

  6. We had our oldest dog customer so far this week a lovely 14 Year Old Dachshund. 
    He is on medication for back problems so we had to be extra careful to ensure he was not moved around too much.  Most older dogs do really benefit from a nice groom and freshen up its just very important you inform your groomer of your dogs age and any medical conditions or possible health issues. 
    All dogs are handled with kindness and care but as they get older just like us we have to pay special attention to their needs and remeber they may not be able to stand for long or be as supple as they once were.
    Wagstars is perfect for this due to our one to one calm home enviroment.  This chap even brought his doggie mate with him for company and she stood and watched he was OK.
  7. We have many doodle clients, from Labradoodles, Cockerpoos, Cavapoos, Spoodles to name a few. 
    These are high maintainance dogs that require regular home grooming and professional grooming every 4-6 weeks.
    We also offer a bath and brush package which is great for high maintainance breeds inbetween grooms where your dog comes for nails, bath, dry and brush maybe a neaten up round the face or paws.
    This will ensure you can keep you lovely poodle cross in tip top condition and prevent matting and knots which if left can lead to having to clip off all those fab curley locks.