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  1. Jackapoo Grooming

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    A Jackapoo is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Poodle.  The coat texture and colour vary from dog to dog.  I groom some which look very similar to a Jack Russell with fuzzy hair and others are really Poodle looking and maybe just colouring of a JRT.

    Prices for grooming Jackapoo, Jackadoodles can very so we need to meet your dog or puppy first but range from £23 - £30 Depending on coat condtion, texture, and how regular your pet will need to be groomed.

    Please call text or email for more infomation.

  2. Poodle Grooming Cheadle Heath Stockport

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    So what are some of the more common Poodle hair styles that you are likely to come across.

    The Puppy Clip

    This clip as the name suggests is reserved for younger dogs. Usually by the time they reach 12 months of age, a different style is selected.

    In this case, the feet, face, and base of the tail are shaved closely. The body hair is allowed to grow and can be shaped according to personal preference. The pack is the front part of the main coat and is usually pulled up into a ponytail-like topknot.

    The Poodle puppy cut can be used for showing poodles under the age of 12 months.

    Continental Clip 

    This is one of the most popular clips used for showing. Here again you see a close shave of the face, back quarters down to the poms, front legs between poms and elbow, feet, and the base of the tail. When you come to the pack area, leave it very long and trim it with scissors to the required shape. Just like the puppy clip, leave the topknot long and shape it into a ponytail. You should also leave the tail long and shape it into a round ball. Start the poms on the legs just above the wrists and hock joints and stop just above the feet. They also have a round shape. In this clip mode, place the hip rosettes exactly over the hip joint.

     Modified Continental Clip

    This style differs from the former simply with respect to hip rosettes. In the modified clip, you have a choice as to whether or not to include the hip rosettes.

    Utility Clip

    This is sometimes known as the Kennel clip. The feet, face, and base of the tail are shaved closely. This time, the hair on the body is kept short and is simply clipped into shape. You should leave the topknot and the tail longer than the body hair. This style is ideal for summer and does not require much effort to take care of. How long the body hair is depends on the type of blade that is used. Normally, a 7 blade is used in this clip.

    Lamb Clip

    The Lamb Clip requires that the feet, base of the tail, and the face are all shaved closely. You should leave the legs, the tail, and topknot fluffy. You can either choose to have the body fluffy or clip it so that it is shorter than the legs. In essence, the length of the hair depends on personal preference.

    Bikini Clip

    This style is sometimes known as the Summer or Miami clip. Just like the previous clips, the feet, face, and the base of the tail are all shaved closely. You should leave the body hair fluffy but not excessively long. Clip the body hair into shape. When you come to the legs, shape them into poms at the bottom beginning above the wrist and stopping above the feet. It is your choice how long you want the hair to be.

    Town and Country Clip

    In addition to the feet, face, and the base of the tail, the neck area and wide belly band should be shaved closely. Furthermore, narrow lines are shaved closely between the withers along the spine and into the belly band. These narrow lines are also shaved between the hips along the spine and into the belly band. Leave the rest of the hair fluffy and clip into shape.


  3. Pomeranian Grooming

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    Poms need a really good groom every 8-12 weeks.  They are double coated and therefor can matt if not brushed and combed on a regular basis.  Double coated breeds should not be clipped as it can ruin their coat but if you look on our wall of fame there is a Pomeranian that has been clipped in a fox trim or teddy cut and we think he looks great.  What ever breed Wagstars in Cheadle Heath will advise you on the pros and cons of each stylr for you and your dog so you can make an informed choice,

  4. Border Terrier Coat Rolling Blown Coat

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    We offer a Border Terrier Hand Stripping Coat Rolling service.

     This is much better For your Border especially in Winter.  Each session is tailored for you dogs individual requirements but we reccoment visiting every 6 weeks for best results. 

    If your dog has a "blown coat" then a full strip down to underwear will be needed but then we can work with you and your dog to try and maintain a nice jacket for the future.  

    Bathing also tends to soften the harsh coat that is naturally dirt repellant. If a Border gets dusty, a rubdown with a damp towel works well. Borders do not normally have strong odor.  But if your dog does require bathing this can also be catered for.

  5. Shih Tzu Grooming

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    Require a good daily grooming using a slicker brush.

    Rarely seen now but in full coat a topknot is usually tied to keep the hair out of the dog's eyes.

    Most owners prefer to have them clipped shorter to make it easier and less time consuming to care for styles and lenght of the coat can vary discuss with the groomer to achieve the look you want that suits your and your dogs lifestyle.

    Important to keep the ear passages and area around the eyes clean. Shih-Tzu's have sensitive eyes that need to be kept clean.

  6. Westie West Highland Terrier Grooming

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    The harsh, straight, short-haired double coat is fairly easy to groom and sheds little to no hair. Simply brush regularly with a stiff bristle brush. Brushing should keep the coat clean, so bathe only when necessary. Trim around the ears and eyes with blunt-nosed scissors. The whole coat should be trimmed about every 2-3 months dependant on style.

    Most people have a traditional Westie trim with feathers / furnishing this can be with or without skirt.

  7. Cross Breed Trims

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    Whats the rule when trimming a mixed breed dog?

    There are no rules.  Terrier and Spaniel breeds have similar trims a lot of the "breed standard" trimming can be incorporated into a mixed breed to bring out the particular mix of the dog.  Very popular at the moment are

    Cavachons = Cavalier x Bichon

    Cavapoo = Cavalier x Poodle

    Yorkiepoo = Yorkie x Poodle

    Labradoodle = Lab x Poodle

    Cockerpoo - Cocker x Poodle

    We can discuss all the options on meeting you as the options are endless.  Things to consider are face, ears, body, legs.  Think of each part and how you would like them to look, short body fluffy legs, clean poodle face, beard, moustash then we can create your own destinctive look based on what will suit your dog - a tailor made, unique haircut. 

  8. Bichon Frise

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    This is a very high maintainace breed grooming wise.  Daily brushing is needed if you want to keep a nice coat.  We had a totally knot free Bichon in today and the owner is trying to grow the coat, hats off for the dedication in keeping a knot free dog we hope to see him eery 4-6 weeks to ensure a full brush through then all we need to establish is how long is long enough.

    Show Bichons have big column legs fluffy body and a very full round head of which the ears are hidden.  Many pet owners dont like the over exaggerated head so we can cater the style to your taste.