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  1. Well its been the best summer I have ever known and I dont think its over yet.  The lead time for booking a dog grooming appointment recently has been 4-6 weeks in advance.

    While this is a problem for any new customers that may need to wait or have to try to get into another groomers it is not something that will change.

    Wagstars caters to people who want to look after their dogs coat on a regular basis so 90% of clients have a regular grooming routine and book their next appontment when collecting their dog.

    We also offer VIP Superstar styling schedule which means you reserve your favorite time and day at least once a month for the whole year.  Very popular package for 2013.

    The only way Wagstars can continue to offer 1-2-1 Dog Grooming is to have clients reserve their appointments in advance so we always hope to be fully booked at least a week ahead.

    So my advice would be to always re-book on collection your next one or two appointments.



  2. Most times I would suggest 2 weeks notice is best to call and we should be able to fit you in.

    If you need a certain day or time I would cal 3 weeks in advance.

    Busiest times it can be 6 weeks till a free appointment.

    Sometimes I do have space the same day but its very rare.

    I do have a cancellation list if you want to be added to it.

    Most clients book their next appointment when they collect there dog from this appointment.  Its best to ensure you get the time and day you need.  Free Text reminders can be sent to you - just ask.

  3. I dont have a price list as no two dogs are the same.  I do have starting prices for example a Cocker Spaniel Starts at £30 for a full groom but if your Cocker is very large, overgrown, not groomed often, matted, aggressive or has special needs of any kind the cost maybe more.  So on your first visit we speak to you about you and your dogs needs and confirm the price.  This price is subject to change depending on the above.

    I have a leaflet that says small dogs £20 so my dog is £20 YES.  No sorry its Small dogs FROM £20 - A small dog is a short haired Chihuahua, a smooth coated Jack Russell for example, then we have Small Yorkies but they need more trimming so start from £25 etc.

    A Medium dog is King Charles Cavalier or Westie, Lhasa Apso which start at £28  Or maybe Cocker and Springer Spaniels which start at £30.

    I class Large dogs as Labradors starting £27, Standard Poodle Starting £50, Border ColliE starting £30 as this is the Maximum size I accept due to bathing restrictions. 

    Not often but occationally people will say how much is a Shih Tzu for example and I say Starting from £28.  Well I pay less than that now.  I dont price match or offer discounts.  There are ways to reduce the grooming costs by reccomending a friend or joining the VIP club but I offer a 1-2-1 service and my starting prices are starting prices.

    If you need a price do not hesitate to call and I can discuss with you in more detail.  If you have a Poodle Mix Price is on Consultation - A free consultation can be arranged by phone, email or text.  You pop down to the Studio in Cheadle Heath for a 5 minute check of your dogs coat.