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Today was his first groom.  It was all new exciting and a reason to dance.  New people, new smells, new sounds.

But it wasnt, today was a very important day.  It was puppies first groom.  This is a very important appointment no pup should miss.  We dont always go home looking as fab as todays puppy did but its really really important puppies get to know what its like to be on the big grooming table.  The lesson that the brush is not for eating, neither is the groomer !!!.  Then we get out tootsies touched and legs moved about its all so interesting no one has played this game before with me!

AHHH whats that - Dont worry just the clippers, they wont get you - Today.

Play play fun fun - aaaaahhHHHHHH whats that - The dryer. 

Oh OK.  Well mums here already - More more I want more.  Dont worry puppy next time you come it wont be so scary and maybe we can make you less hairy.

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