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My dog Bites can it be groomed.

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Yes - But you must be honest with your dog groomer. 
It is not part of our job to get bit and can result in a groomer being unable to work for periods of time not to mention possibly requiring hospital treatment.
It is an owners responsibility to inform anyone who handles your dog of any behaviour issues they have or have had in the past.
We can then work with you and your dog to try and rectify any issues or fears the dog may have.
A muzzle will be used only if and when needed.
No dog visiting Wagstars has needed to be muzzled for an entire groom but we do sometimes need to apply a muzzle for the saftey of the dog and or groomer for certain areas like nails.
We are good judges of dogs so watch them carefully and learn what they are trying to tell us.  There are many ways bites can be avoided without muzzling a dog so we try to work with the dog and remove their want to bite in a positive way.
Should your dog ever need to be muzzled we will discuss this with you fully and always inform you of your dogs behaviour good and bad so we can work and improve any issues.

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