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Handstripping Aftercare

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Handstripping at Wagstars is done by hand pulling hairs fron the dogs coat.  When your dog has been stripped the skin can be tender and occationally irritated.  This is nothing to be concerned about but please ensure you notify us of any issues straight away.  

At your appointment we will check your dogs coat and temprement to ensure stripping is possible as the dog has to be happy to accept the process or it will not be stripped here.  We will fully discuss the process with you and are not liable for any irritation that may occur.

Neutering your wire coat can soften the texture potentially making the coat unstrippable so please bear this in mind if you intend to have your pet neutered clipping from a puppy is advised.

Please ensure you investigate the pro's and con's of stripping and make an informed decision if it is right for you and your pet.

We do not strip show dogs as I believe if you are showing your dog it is a full time job that needs to be done by the owner.  But I do offer coat rolling and maintainance programme.


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